First United Methodist Church of Brazoria, Texas 2016 Leadership Team

Administrative/Church Council

Chair: Roy Compton
Vice-Chair: Gary Gatton
Secretary: Sheila James
Lay Leader: Bill James
Lay Leader of Annual Conference: Linda Nall
Alternate Lay Member of Annual Conference: Woody Nall
Committee on Finance Chair: Bill Davidson
Disbursing Treasurer: Sheila Pursley
Memorials/Pledges: Carolyn Shaw & Bob Engman
Money Counters Coordinator: Bob Engman
Staff-Parish Relations Committee Chair: Jane Jacobs
Board of Trustees Chair: Anthony Smith

Areas of Ministry Leaders

Children’s Ministry: Amie Schneider
Youth Ministry: Wendy Schaefer
Youth Representative: Hayley Danford
Congregational Core: Sheila Munson
Prayer & Care: Merle McClendon
Hospitality Coordinator: Wendy Schaefer
Usher & Acolyte Coordinators: Pat Norris & Martha McCreary
Men’s Ministry: Bill James
Outreach & Missions: TBD

Church Council At Large Members

2016 – Linda Anderson
2017 – Bob Engman
2018 – Linda Margrave

Finance Committee

Chair: Bill Davidson
Pastor: Rev Don Brown
Lay Leader: Bill James
Council Chair: Roy Compton
Disbursing Treasurer: Sheila Pursley
Financial Secretary: Sheila James
Memorials/Pledges: Carolyn Shaw
Lay Delegate, Annual Conference: Linda Nall
Staff-Parish Relations Chair: Jane Jacobs
Trustees Chair: Anthony Smith

Board of Trustees Chair

2016 – Becky Danford
2016 – Shirley Fitzgerald
2016 – Linda Margrave
2017 – Anthony Smith
2017 – Michael Weir
2017 – John Morgan
2018 – Charlie Reed
2018 – Mark Schaefer
2018 – Camille Babb

Staff-Parish Relations Committee Chair

2016 – Linda Margrave
2016 – Martha Engman
2016 – Wendy Schaefer
2017 – Jane Jacobs
2017 – Kathy Goolsby
2017 – Donn Correll
2018 – Roy Compton
2018 – Martha McCreary
2018 – Anthony Smith

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Chairman: Anthony Smith
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Chairman: Jane Jacobs
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Chairman: Bill Davidson
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Chairman: Merle McClendon
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Chairman: Amie Schneider
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Chairman: Wendy Schaefer
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Women's Prayer Group

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Prayer Shawl Ministry

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